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  • Whether cutting boards made of olive wood or elegant doorbell signs made of oak inspired by our Nordic charm, we offer handmade objects, individual decorative signs and even memorial stones for your beloved pet.

  • The materials we work with consist largely of wood, stone and ceramics with wonderful motifs designed by me with the option to personalize.

    Custom-made products and larger quantities are no problem.

  • You can always discover something new with us, as we are constantly expanding our product range.

    We only like sustainable products, pay attention to environmentally friendly production and our packaging consists largely of recycled cardboard and paper.

  • Known through our shops on Etsy with jeskedesign2 and giftshopHH , we are a small family business offering personalized products and manufacturing most of them ourselves.

    Convince yourself and test our offer!

  • Personalized gifts

    for home

  • drafts

    from designer hand

  • Sustainably produced

    Made in Europe

  • special wishes

    own motifs can be implemented

And haven’t found anything suitable yet?

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