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Doorbell plate personalized from oak with the motif LORENZEN

Doorbell plate personalized from oak with the motif LORENZEN

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The doorbell plate made of high-quality oak is a stylish and functional accessory for your home. Each piece is handmade and carefully crafted. The European oak gives the plate a warm and natural look. The doorbell plate is handmade, has bevelled edges and a recess for the bell and excess cables on the back.

The bell button itself is approximately 26 mm long and is only suitable for low voltage. The electrical connection should only be carried out by qualified personnel. The bell button is suitable for outdoor use. It is made of aluminum and is supplied with a sealing ring and stainless steel nut. Optionally, 2 holes with a holder can be ordered on the back of the plate to enable concealed installation (surface-mounted).

Chrome-stainless steel button: The chrome-stainless steel bell button gives the sign an elegant and timeless look. Its shiny appearance blends seamlessly into any environment and conveys a touch of luxury.

Chrome stainless steel button with white LED light: The bell button with LED light not only provides a modern look, but also offers a practical function. The soft glow enables visitors to find the bell button even in poor lighting conditions.

Black aluminum button: For a minimalist and modern look, the black aluminum bell button is the perfect choice. Its simple elegance blends harmoniously into modern architecture and gives your entrance area a special touch.

This doorbell plate will certainly be an eye-catcher on your door, whether you choose the classic look of chrome stainless steel for the button, the modern look of LED light or the minimalist look of black aluminum.

Size: width approx. 12.5 cm x height approx. 14 cm x depth approx. 2 cm

Product features: Your desired name will be engraved on the sign. Two plastic holders for attachment can be ordered. The desired text will be engraved with a high-quality laser.

Material: Oak is a high-quality and robust wood known for its durability, beauty and natural warmth. It is strong and resistant to external influences such as weather and moisture. This makes the oak doorbell plate an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Each sign is unique in its color and grain. Oak is a hard and comparatively heavy wood and is considered a very valuable and decorative local wood. Oak comes in different shades of color. The colors range from light beige to various dark brown tones. The grain of oak is light to medium. The sign is oiled with natural vegetable oil.

Care instructions: Sustainable care of wood outdoors includes, for example, regular oiling or painting with wood preservatives so that the decorative color is preserved for a long time.

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